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Carpets are one of the most important part of your home decor. Carpet cleaning is suggested every 1-2 years to completely remove pathogens and dirt professionally. Sometimes due to any damage owners need to get their rug repaired professionally. For this type of issue we have been serving you since 1990. Talha Carpets provides professional carpet cleaning and repair services in Hong Kong. If you are in search of such types of services in Hong Kong then contact us right now.

Carpet Cleaning

Talha Carpets has been providing carpet and rug cleaning services in Hong Kong since 1990. We have experts who are specifically trained for carpet and rug washing and repairs. We have best techniques which makes your dirty carpets like new and colorful.

Carpet Repairing in Hong Kong

Repairs become necessary when your carpets gets torn or damaged. For repairing we have traditional techniques used by the weavers themselves to provide the best services.

Carpet Washing

Cleaning your carpet yourself or from an inexperienced carpet cleaner can cause discolouration, color bleeding and cause the carpet to become very hard. But we wash your carpet with the special hand techniques which prevent discolor issue. We also help you in restoration of the carpet colors if any accidents have happened before.

Carpet Selling

We provide an exotic collection of carpets and rugs. You can choose what fascinates you the most, we have a wide variety of carpets and rugs and we're sure there is something for you. No matter what part of the house you want a rug for, we've got you covered.

Pick-up and delivery is free along with installation of the carpet. Contact us today for a free quote! +(852)61705336



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